We can supply and fit our standard four-way locking cat-flap on request or alternatively you can provide your own cat-flap and we will install it into any type of glass, wood or uPVC panel or door.

If you require advice and information on cat-flap brands and models please contact us and we will do our best to help.

What you need to know when choosing a cat-flap:

Four-way locking cat-flap:

The locking mechanism enables you to control your cat’s comings and goings – this is useful if you need to hang on to her for a vet’s appointment or you feel it’s safer to keep her in overnight. All of the following types of cat-flap incorporate this feature in addition to the more advanced features described below.

Magnetic cat-flap:

Pros: the flap is unlocked by a magnet carried by the cat on a collar around its neck. This prevents other cats (or foxes etc.) coming in through the cat-flap.
Cons: there is a risk that the cat will lose its collar and find itself locked out. Also, neighbouring cats may be equipped with identical magnetic collars which will admit them to your home.

Infrared cat-flap:

Pros: the flap is unlocked by an infrared key uniquely coded to your cat-flap, so preventing any unwelcome intrusion.
Cons: the key is again carried on a collar worn by the cat so risks being lost.

Microchip cat-flap:

Pros: the most secure type of cat-flap. The cat-flap recognises your cat’s unique microchip. In fact, it will recognise as many cats as you have, or may have in the future. Some of these also have a ‘curfew mode’, enabling you to program the door to lock and unlock at specified times or when it gets dark. Top of the range models can be programmed to restrict some pets to remain indoors only, while others are allowed to move freely between the house and the garden.
Cons: not generally available from pet shops but can be ordered directly from manufacturers.

Extra large pet-flaps:

These are available for the more portly cat or small dog. These include a microchip version as described above.

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